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Podcasting has become huge in the past few years, and there are so many great podcasts for introverts out in the world.


It’s pretty well known that introverted souls have a tendency to be book lovers and quiet time seekers but, with the rise in popularity for podcasts, it has also created a way for aural learners to connect with like minded souls and enjoy some quiet time by listening to introverts having deep and meaningful chats.


So, we’ve compiled an introvert podcast playlist just for you.

Happy listening!

Quiet: The Power of Introverts with Susan Cain

Susan Cain’s podcast Quiet: The Power of Introverts is specifically focused on quiet kids and helping parents, but I think this is so helpful to anyone who grew up a little more introverted.

Featuring special guests in each episode – from doctors and educators to celebrities and entrepreneurs – the podcast tackles many areas that quiet kids might need help with (but it also kind of applies to adults too!)

Check it out here or on iTunes


The Introvert Entrepreneur with Beth Buelow



At the time of writing this, The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast is up to 144 episodes chock full of goodness from introverts from all walks of life having great conversations about life and business as an introvert with Beth.

The Introvert Entrepreneur has been on a number of ‘best of’ lists and with 144 episodes, there’s plenty of binge listening to do there!

Check it out here or on iTunes.


The League of Extraordinary Introverts with Katherine Mackenzie-Smith



Featuring a line up of introverted women navigating the business world, The League of Extraordinary Introverts is a series of deep and meaningful conversations about life, business, and everything in between.

Check it out here or on iTunes.



The Creative Introvert Podcast with Cat Rose


A podcast for creatives – the makers, doers, thinkers who get their energy from within and are at their most creative when working solo, as Cat describes it. Cat also talks about introversion, how that is a super power for quiet creatives but also how to overcome some of the challenges that come along with it as well.

Check it out here or on iTunes


The Introvert Biz Growth Podcast with Sarah Santacroce


Sarah’s podcast features introverted men and women who have grown their businesses online using their introverted superpowers. The episodes contain plenty of solid tips and advice, plus recommended books and resources for anyone in need of inspiration or advice as they navigate the online business world.

Check it out here or on iTunes


Introvert Extrovert with Johnathan Martinez and Al Motter

Introvert/Extrovert is an examination of the psychology of personality in with the mission of helping people better understand each other. A great resource to better understanding why we do the things we do.

Check it out here or on iTunes




Plus we’ve compiled some other great podcasts that aren’t exactly introvert-specific but are by some wonderful introverted hosts and focus on really important and relevant topics:


Awaken Radio with Connie Chapman – One of our all-time faves at The Introvert Effect HQ, Connie leaders heart-opening conversations with thought leaders and experts on deep and meaningful subjects such as happiness, confidence, self-love and spirituality.


The Mindful Kind with Rachael Kable – Rachael shares her best tips and insights into mindfulness and how to manage stress and increase overall wellbeing by incorporating mindfulness into your daily life.


The Great Unravelling with Hannah Morgan – A podcast for sensitive and creative souls untangling some of life’s biggest issues.


Rock Your Goals with Sarah Jensen – A dynamic series featuring soul chats with inspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business mavens who spill the truth about growing a business (and staying sane).


Dream For Others with Naomi Arnold – Featuring an array of activists, humanitarians, change makers, and social entrepreneurs, Dream For Others is an inspiring listen for anyone wanting to go deepers make the world a better place.


The Secret Library Podcast with Caroline Donahue – Um….books! And writers! What’s not to love about a podcast where lovers of books and writing chat about books and writing.


Is your favourite podcast on the list? Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re listening to and loving.


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