Quiet Reading Time: An Abundant Life by Ezzie Spencer

Book review of Ezzie Spencer's book An Abundant Life - Lunar Abundance


Quick Synopsis

An Abundant Life introduces Dr Ezzie Spencer’s Lunar Abundance practice – a way of living in the flow: a state of open mind and heart and peaceful effectiveness.

Based on the eight phases of the Moon, An Abundant Life is a practical guide to self-care, creating your best life, and giving back from a well of abundance. Following the Moon cycle, Ezzie teaches you how to cultivate peace, security and purpose, in both your personal life and your work. Generous and supportive, this unique system will lead you to find answers within, enjoy genuine connection with others, and cultivate trust in the cycles of yin and yang in daily life.



An Abundant Life – Flourishing With The Cycles of the Moon by Dr Ezzie Spencer is – simply put – one of the most beautiful books I’ve bought in a long time. Ezzie herself has said that the end result is so much more than she had anticipated and the team at Xioum have done an incredible job bringing her Lunar Abundance artwork together into this beautiful book. This is definitely a hard copy purchase that a Kindle or digital reading app just won’t do justice to.

What I love about An Abundant Life – and about Ezzie in general, actually – is that there are three really important facets that make this such a vital resource for anyone wishing to learn about the moon or Ezzie’s work.

It’s real. There’s no sugar coating that this is Ezzie’s personal journey and her Lunar Abundance practise has developed over years of work. She weaves her own trials and tribulations as a burned out, over achieving A-type personality coming to terms with her place in the world in a way that feels relatable and simultaneously impressive. I’m still trying to work out how she went from such a head-focused career to creating a lifestyle and a business focused on the moon.

It’s fluff-free. Which might be a surprise given the subject matter at hand. If you didn’t know Ezzie had done a PHD, you would after reading An Abundant Life. In a similar way that you can tell Brene Brown is a professional researcher when you read her books. Chock full of facts and references that back up all Ezzie’s thoughts and feelings about the moon cycles and abundance, there’s not a second in the book that you can (or would want to) skim over her words. I’ve read my share of personal development-style books and sometimes the fluff gets too much, but you’ll find none of that in here. The stories and examples, the references to explain her points and build credibility make this both an informative and thoroughly enjoyable read.

It’s practical. Broken down into the eight moon phases, each chapter outlines the focus of that specific phase with practical and implementable actions to take, should you feel inspired to start your own practice. The main message threads through the entire book so there’s no confusion – the moon is reflective and your practise should be more about getting introspective and trusting your own intuition than following a step-by-step guide. But it gives you enough to have an understanding of each phase, as well as enough to get you started without feeling like you’re lost in the dark.


Why is this book great for introverts?

Knowing Ezzie identifies as a more introverted soul is apparent throughout An Abundant Life as she encourages us to use the lunar phases to turn within and become more in tune with our feelings and our bodies. But we can get too in our heads sometimes and so she carefully guides her readers to learn to FEEL instead of think. She also provides a deep understanding of what her work looks like and this is just our jam, right? Let’s dissect, understand, get deep and meaningful.



I had a moment, reading this book, where it suddenly dawned on me that life is all about cycles. It might seem obvious, but there’s a section where Ezzie writes about abundance and this social conditioning we have that forces us to think there is a limit to things. I love the way she talks about the moon in a way that we always get another chance to try again. There is a lot of uncertainty in life, but one thing we can always count on is that the moon will continue to rotate around the Earth giving us these glorious phases that we can use to our advantage.


Favourite thing?

Aside from how aesthetically pleasing An Abundant Life is, I love how easy Ezzie has made it to understand. Like I said, she’s smart. It might take me a couple of reads to fully grasp some of the concepts she raises. But the way she has broken down the phases and incorporated stories from clients to really illustrate the power of the practise. She gives tips and insights but, more than anything, she encourages her readers to do what feels right to them. She entrusts us with the self leadership and intuition to create something meaningful for ourselves.


Is it for you?

There are so many intention/desire/cycle-based practices and rituals out there but in order to really stick with something and have it add to your life (instead of just becoming another item on the never ending ‘to do’ list), it has to really speak to you. I’ve known Ezzie for a while but hadn’t really delved into a deeper understanding of her Lunar Abundance practise. Until now. Her work with the moon feels joyful, abundant, and easy. It feels intuitive and introspective and so aligned with more introverted tendencies. And, if the moon has always been on your radar, learning from Ezzie is an absolute joy, and worth the time.


Want to check it out?

You can find An Abundant Life by Ezzie Spencer at bookstores and on Booktopia – also coming to the US soon! Read more about Ezzie and her work at lunarabundance.com


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