The Introvert Effect Magazine – Energy Issue

This issue is for introvert's to get tips, tools, and information on how to manage their quiet energy. It's Free!

This very special edition has a DOUBLE cover.

One of our covers is the wonderful Cassie Mendoza-Jones – kinesiologist, naturopath, and Hay House published author of the book You Are Enough – and in this very special feature, Cassie shares with us how she understands and works with energy, and how she takes care of own energy as a more introverted person.

Our second cover is by the amazing Morgan Joanel and has been custom drawn from chatting with us about the quiet energy of introverts. Isn’t it incredible? You can learn more about Morgan and her work here.

This issue is all about ENERGY. Understanding your energy as an introvert, how others have come to understand theirs, and some great tips, suggestions, and resources – including some very special recipes to help you maintain, balance, and manage your own energy.

This issue is chock full of energy-inspiring goodness and we think it’s going to re-energise you just by taking some time to make yourself a cuppa and sit somewhere quietly to soak it up.

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In this issue, we have articles with great tips and suggestions for managing your energy, including a very special ‘Introvert Effect’ essential oil blend to help calm and re-energise. There’s some great wisdom in the pages of the magazine from people who work in all different environments – from offices, to retail, to classrooms – sharing how they best manage their energy, plus some great insight into an introvert/extravert relationship and how to make that work.

The magical gift of recharging for introverts


Interview with Cassie Mendoza-Jones about being an introvert and managing energy, in the latest issue of the Introvert Effect Magazine. It's free, click here to get your copy!


Free magazine for introverts - get tips, tools, and experiences from other introverts understanding their energy


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Katherine is a writer, mentor, and champion of introverted leaders. After spending a lifetime feeling like there was something wrong with her for being quiet, she’s on a mission to make sure no other introvert ever feels that way ever again.

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