5 Reasons Why Every Introvert Should Write

5 reasons why writing is such a beneficial tool for introverts


Even though writing is a valuable skill that anyone can acquire and use in their life for wellbeing, professional, and personal reasons, is especially beneficial for introverted people. Given our preoccupation with thinking (or over thinking), the act of writing can be energising, cathartic, and soul nourishing, whilst giving us an outlet for our creativity and imagination.
Here are five reasons why writing is so useful for introverts and an important habit we can can get into in order to tune in with our own inner nature.


Writing is a great form of self expression:

It allows us to give voice to our thoughts and emotions, which may go unexpressed as we’re less likely to verbalise them to others. These unexpressed emotions can leak into other areas of life where they may not be welcome and cause distress in our relationships or external lives. The habit of writing helps spill these thoughts and emotions onto paper, allowing us distance from them. Creating distance helps us to see the bigger picture and gives us an opportunity to sort through them and use them for a positive impact instead.


Introverts can reflect upon their thoughts in their writing:

The process of writing gives time to know their thoughts. Knowing ones thought is a healthy way to identify and heal unhealthy patterns in their thinking. Instead of being victim of the unhealthy and negative pattern of thinking the process of writing can heal these patterns. Jotting down the thought gives time to reflect on them. Healthy reflection and contemplation is vital for everyone, but can be particularly useful for introverted souls.


Introverts can be free from the fear of being judged in their writing:

Lots of introverted people struggle with putting themselves out there or sharing parts of themselves because they often feel judged or misunderstood – often due to childhood experiences and limiting beliefs picked up along the way. Writing allows quieter people to be fully themselves free from the judgments of others. It is in their writing that they can find some escape of their own. The journal or diary acts as an understanding friend who listen to all of their thoughts and not only listens but listens unconditionally.


Introverted people learn to see other people’s point of view:

Writing is a process of changing perspectives, which allows us to take not only our own views into consideration, but other people’s as well. Given our abundance in creativity introverted people can come up with alternative angles to view a certain area of life. This brand new point of view can take many unexpected people by surprise. Learning to other people’s point of view is a special art and writing is a useful tool to master this art.


Writing lets us explore relationships and genuine connections with others:

Introverts can be seen to lack interest in people because we crave deep and meaningful interactions. Sometimes this can lead to labeling others as fake and superficial. In certain cases it may be true but it is not the whole truth. When it comes to people they may be both superficial and interesting. Writing about different characters and their nature arouses interest in making an effort to engage with others in real life. Once introverted people become interested in something they find unusual associations to pave a whole new path.


If you are a fellow introvert can think of any other way in which your writing has benefitted you please mention in the comments below.


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